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WMS Exam questions and answers

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WMS Exam questions and answers





  1. This assessment shell be completed
    individually as part of the WMS Permit To Work Training
  2. Fill in Name, Company, Designatioan &
  3. The assessment contain 55 Questions
  4. Every question containing guidance on the
    number of correct answers c.q (select one, select two, etc)
  5. The competence criteria for passing the
    WMS in 90%
  6. The time allocated for completion ofvthe
    assessment shell be 1 hr.
  7. Hnad the Assessment booklet bact to the
    fasilitator after completion

Example question.

1. What does WMS stand for?
(select one)

  1. Well Managed System
  2. Work Management System
  3. Work Migration System
  4. None of the above

2. Identify the normal work
steps for commencement of work (select one)

  1. 1A-2B-3C
  2. 1C-2B-3A
  3. 2A-3C-1B
  4. 1B-2C-3A
  1. Permit Issue(PI)
  2. Job performer (JP)
  3. Work Party
  1. Sign TBT
  2. Provides Clearence to commence work
  3. Accepts Worksite and conducts TBT

FULL NAME:  _________________________________________

GROUP COMPANY: __________________________________

DESIGNATION: _______________________________________

DATE: _________________________________________________

RESULT:            ________________/96____________________

FACILITAOR NAME: ___________________________________


1.Name the five (5) key elements
(Standards) of Work Management System (WMS) below:

  1. PTW
  2. JSA

2. Does the WMS Framework and
Standards apply ta Contractors?

  1. Yes
  2. No

3. Who is the custodian of WMS
Framework and Standards? (Select one)

  1. Senior Vice president
    (SVP), ADNIC Group, HSE (ADNOC Headquarters)
  2. Chief Executive Officer ceo] of the ADNOC
  3. Vice President HSE (VP HSE) / Corporate
    HSE Head of Group Company
  4. Operations Vice-Presidents/ Facility
    Managers (Asset Owner)

4. Whatis
the-duration-ef-documentretention-as-per- WMS-+Framework?

  1. 06 months
  2. 12 months
  3. 18 months
  4. 24 months

5. Match the ‘3 Tier WMS Audit
System’ to their right choices. (Select one)

  1. a 1A-2B-3C
  2. b 1B-2C-3A
  3. c 2A-3C-1B
  4. d 2C-3A-1B
  1. TIER1
  2. TIER2
  3. TIER3
  1. Independent Assessment
  2. Daily PTW Monitoring
  3. ADNOC Group Company

6. Indicate if the business rule
is “True” or “False”.

“Each Group Company shall
maintain an up-to-date and approved list of the personnel authorized as
signatories in the PTW System. The following rules shall apply:

  • The list shall be aproved in writing by
    asset owner
  • The list shall be reviewed and approved
    on an annual basis;
  • The list shall be up to date;
  • The approved fist shall be readily
    available in the designated areas namely Permit Control Facility /Control
    Room or other designated area.”
  1. True
  2. False

7. Identify the normal permit
flow and responsible role for authorization of a Hot Work/Critical Permit.
(Select one).

  1. 1A-2B-3C-4D
  2. 1B~2C-3A-4D
  3. 2C-1A-3D-4B
  4. 2A-3D-1C-4B

  1. Performing Authority (PA)
  2. Area Authority (AA)
  3. Asset Approval Authority (AAA)
  4. Area Authority (AA)
  1. Validitas Completeness of pack
  2. Authorizes the Permit
  3. Requests the Permit
  4. Approved the Hazards and Controls

8. Identify the normal permit
flow on the 2″ day of work until suspension. (Select one)

  1. 1A-2B-3C-4D
  2. 1B-2C-3D-4A
  3. 2C-1A-3D-48
  4. 2C-3A-1D-4B
  1. Area Authority (AA)
  2. Permit Issuer (PI)
  3. Job Performer (JP)
  4. Job Performer (JP)
  1. Declare work-stop to suspend permit
  2. Authorizes the permit
  3. Provides clearance to commence work
  4. Acceptance of worksite

9. Identify the normal permit
flow closure of a permit. (Select one).

  1. 1A-2B-3C-4D
  2. 1C-2B-3A-4D
  3. 2A-3C-1D-4B
  4. 2C-3A-1D-48
  1. Performing Authority (PA)
  2. Permit Issuer (PI)
  3. Area Authority (AA)
  4. Job Performer (JP)
  1. Authorizes permit closure
  2. Verifies worksite conditions
  3. Requests permit closure
  4. Sign Permit Suspension

10. Indicate if the business
rule is “True” or “False”.

“To work without a permit, the
Performing Authority (PA) shall only inform the Permit Issuer (Pl) of the area
and ask for permission”

  1. True
  2. False

11. What are the requirements of
WMS Standard: Permit to Work (PTW)? (Select one)

  1. Maintain an up-to-date PTW Register.
  2. Conduct a daily Permit to Work (PTW)
    coordination meeting.
  3. Maintain an up-to-date interface
    procedure to work with other ADNOC Companies.
  4. All of the above.

12. What are the three (3)
permits as per WMS Standard: Permit to Work (PTW)? (Select three)

  1. High Risk Permit
  2. Hot Work Permit
  3. Critical Work Permit
  4. Medium Risk Permit
  5. General Work Permit
  6. Low Risk Permit
  7. Cold Work Permit

13. Do certificates allow
commencement of work without a valid PTW? (Select one)

  1. Yes
  2. No


14. What is the maximum validity
of the permits? {Select one)

  1. 3 consecutive calendar days
  2. 7 consecutive calendar
  3. 14 consecutive calendar days
  4. None of the above

15. During work activity,
original copy of the permit is held by? {Select one)

  1.  Area Authority (AA)
  2. Job Performer (JP)
  3. Permit Issuer (Pl) |
  4. Control Room / Designated facility

16. Time validity of
certificates if specified by? (Select one)

  1. Area Authority (AA)
  2. Performing Authority (PA)
  3. Permit Issuer (Pl)
  4. Asset Approval Authority (AAA)

17. As per minimum, the
following personnel shall comprise the IWAP Team and conduct the IWAP planning
meeting? (Select one)

  1. Asset Owner or Representative
  2. PTW Coordinator
  3. Planning Representative
  4. Performing Discipline
  5. All of the above

18. Indicate if the business
rule is “True” or “False”.

All permits shall be submitted
at least two (2) days prior to the planned commencement of work (excluding
emergency work).

  1. True
  2. False


19. As per WMS, Initial Job
Analysis done during the IWAP meeting using Work Categorization Chart (WCC). It
helps to determine . {Select one}

  1. If the work scope requires control using
    the PTW System or is the work pre-authorized to be exempted from the PTW System
  2. The need for JSA (level to lever 2) or
    Format RiskAssessment—
  3. The permit type to be raised
  4. Identification of the nature of the work
    activity to be carried out
  5. Required supporting certificates and/or
    any specialist signatories
  6. Identification for need of isolations and
    temporary defeats
  7. Draw on any lessons learnt from previous
    / similar Jobs or incidents
  8. All of the above

  1. Ensuring all appropriate documents are
    attached to the work permit {permit validation) is the responsibility of –
    (Select one)
  • a Area Authority (AA)
  • b Performing Authority (PA)
  • c Permit Issuer (PI)
  • d Asset Approval Authority (AAA)

  1. Which types of permits requires approval
    from Asset Approval Authority (AAA)? (Select two)
  • a Hot Work Permit
  • b High Risk Permit
  • c Critical Work Permit
  • d General Work Permit

  1. “Verification that all pre-requisite
    worksite controls are implemented. All required Certificates and
    Attachments are signed, approved and attached to the permit” is the
    responsibility of ____. {Select one)
  • a Pemit issuer (Pl)
  • b Asset Approval Authority (AAA)

  1. Asper WMS, due to operational
    consideration, the Job Performer (JP) could change during the course of
    the work activity. However, the new JP shall . (Select one)
  • a Directly proceed to obtain a proper
    handover from the outgoing JP
  • b Inform the parioming Authority (PA}
    responsible for the permit and commence work
  • c. Obtain approval from
    Permit Issuerm(PI) and Area Authority followed by proper handover from the
    out going JP
  • d What for the next shift to commence


  1. JP shall conduct a Tool Box Talk (TBT)
    and the work party shall be advised of: (Select one)
  1. The work content and how it will be
    carried out
  2. The potential hazards and controls
  3. The work environment and the problems it
    causes / controls required
  4. Any emergency actions that may be
    necessary should problems arise
  5. Work party responsibilities
  6. All of the above

  1. If the Job Performer (JP) has not
    declared work stop, can the Area Authority (AA) or Permit Issuer {Pl)
    suspend the permit? (Select One)



  1. Time Extension rule allows the Job
    Performer (JP) to work for
  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 4

  1. A new permit shall be required, if:
    (Select one)
  1. The validity of the permit has expired
  2. Area Authority (AA) has cancelled the
  3. Work scope requirements have changed
  4. All of the above

  1. What is the normal flow of approvals for
    most certificates?
  1. Worksite Controls/Site Precautions
  2. Certificate Application
  3. Certificate Closure
  4. Authorization

(Select one)

  1. a-b-c-d
  2. d-c-b-a
  3. b-a-c-d
  4. b-a-d-c


29. If today is 19th June 2020,
can the Area Authority (AA) authorize a Critical Work Permit, if the Asset
Owner Approval (AAA) signed on 11th June 2020? (Select ane)

  1. Yes
  2.  No

  1. As per WMS, what is the first point of
    decision for using a formal Risk Assessment instead of JSA Level 1 or
    Level 2 (Select one)
  1. Permit Approval (by Asset Approval
  2. Permit ali ’ Authority)
  3. Daily PTW meeting by
    IWAP Team
  4. Permit Request (by Performing Authority)

  1. JSA Level 2 mandates the use of following
    forms: (Select two)
  1. Journey Management Form (JMF}
  2. Standard Hazard and
    Control Form (SHCF)
  3. Formal Risk Assessment (RA)
  4. Hazard Management Form

  1. Asset Approval Authority (AAA) confirms
    that the described controls are adequate to reduce the risks associated
    with the Work to ALARP. AAA confirmation is: (Select one)
  1. Signature on the work
  2. Signature on the JSA
  3. Verbal confirmation in IWAP meeting
  4. None of the above

  1. For complex and critical activities, a
    site visit by Area Authority (AA) is . (Select one)
  1. Not required
  2. Recommended
  3. Mandatory

  1. Job Performer (JP) and Authorized Gas
    Tester (AGT) shall not be the same person for the subject PTW.
  1. Yes
  2. No

  1. Once the Area Authority approves the
    Permit, the job can be immediately start.
  1. Yes
  2. No

  1. If the flammability test result shows 15%
    of LEL, it is safe to enter the vessel, by wearing Breathing Apparatus.
  1. Yes
  2. No

  1. Diving Certificate shall be issued to
    diving supervisors only.
  1. a. Yes
  2. b No

  1. As a minimum, the AAA shall be one level
    above the Area Authority.
  1. a. Yes
  2. b No

  1. All attached documentation to the permit
    shall be returned (to the Area Authority) with the original copy of the
  1. c. Yes
  2. d No

  1. Authorized civil person responsible for
    all excavations onsite and the authorizing signatory for Excavation Certificates.
  1. a. Yes
  2. b No

  1. Excavation Sertificate apply to
    excavation work area in a restricted area only
  1. a Yes
  2. b. No

  1. For excavation activity outside the
    restricted area, an “excavation certificate” is sufficient and no need for
  1. a Yes
  2. b No

  1. Permit Issuer (Pl) shall authorize
    de-isolation if delegated by Are Authority (AA).
  1. a Yes
  2. b. No

  1. Energy isolation is a physical barrier /
    separation between a source of energy and a place of work
  1. a. Yes
  2. b No

  1. All efforts shall be made to conduct
    Atmospheric Test within 2 hour prior to the commencement of the work.
  1. Yes
  2. No

  1. Excavation of width enough to accommodate
    a person and of depth less than 2 m requires a confined space entry
  1. Yes
  2. N0

  1. Job Performer (JP) shall confirm that all
    Worksite Controls are still in place and effective as per the requirements
    of the permit.
  1. Yes
  2. No

  1. The declaration about the housekeeping,
    equipment cleared and work is complete is obtained on theassociated
    permits from
  1. Permit Issuer (Pl)
  2. Performing Authority
  3. Area Authority (AA)
  4. None of the above

  1. The vehicle and machine entry certificate
    is valid for only one vehicle. Any change in vehicle or approved location
    shall require approval from the:
  1. Performing Authority (PA)
  2. Area Authority (AA)
  3. Job Performer
  4. AAA

  1. Due to operational consideration, the Job
    Performer (JP) could change during the course of the work activity.
    However, the new JP shall sign for the above statement and obtain
    approvals from:
  1. Area Authority (AA)
  2. Permit Issuer PI).
  3. Area Authority (AA) and
    Permit Issuer (PI)
  4. None of the above

  1. Where should the Job Performer PTW copy
    be kept during the work?
  1. With the crew Superintendent/Foreman
  2. Visibly displayed at
    the worksite
  3. With the Contractor Safety Officer
  4. At the office

  1. What types of PTW/Certificates are
    required for a job involving welding inside a fire water valve pit of over
    1.2 meter deep?
  1. Hot Work Permit and
    confined space certificate
  2. General work permit and confined space
  3. Critical work permit and confined space
  4. None of the above


  1. Who shall identify whether the isolations
    are to be installed in remote field.
  1. Performing Authority (PA)
  2. Area Authority (AA)
  3. Job Performer
  4. AAA

  1. What action Is required when an emergency
    alarm sounds while performing work under PTW system?
  1. If urgent job is in hand, continue
    working with extra caution.
  2. Contact Control Room to find out what i
    is happening.
  3. Works shall stop and
    the workplace, if possible without further safety risks should be made
  4. Stop the work AnH wait at the worksite
    for further instructions.

  1. Who shall confirm that the work site is
    left in safe condition and can close the certificate on condition that all
    the associated permits have been closed?
  1. a
  2. Performing Authority (PA)
  3. Area Authority (AA)
  4. Permit Issuer (PI)
  5. None of the above
  6. None of the above









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