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  1. It is the Master’s responsibility to ensure that:

All information reagrding the onboard training is given to the ship manager

  1. Master of every ship must provide:
    • link between the shipboard training officer and the company training officer ashore
  2. Onboard training should be organised in such a way that: It is an integral part of the overall training plan
  3. The majority of convensions adopted under the auspices of IMO fall into which of the three main categories:

Maritime Safety, Prevention of Marine pollution, Liability and compensation

  1. To maintain good relationship among the crew on board a vessel, one must be: Understanding, Co-operative, and have respect from both sides
  2. Why is it important to have good relationship on-board a vessel?

It leads to better work performance and positive atmosphere among the crew

  1. Why is it important to make weekly/routine rounds in the accomodation areas?

To ensure that cabins and common spaces are maintained in a clean, safe and hygienic condition

  1. All necessary information for the next port of call should be: Procured before departure from a port
  2. An emergency situation on board must be reported to the company by: The fastest means available
  3. Prior to arrival at a US port from a foreign port, as per present regulation, the USCG requires: – 96 hours notice of arrival
  4. Prior to ordering stores for any department;

Ask the departmental head for a list of store to be ordered

  1. Proper and accurate inventory of stores should be maintained inorder to: Control the ship’s budget
  2. Representative of the port authorities should always receive the best possible treatment: For ship’s clearance to take place quickly and without complications
  3. The office phone, fax, telex and after office hours telephone numbers can be found in: The Ship’s emergency contingency manual
  4. The responsible person for maintaining budget on board normally is: – Master
  5. Where will you normally find the ship’s documents including Crew Passports and CDC on board a vessel? – Master’s cabin
  6. Which of the following will be reported to a company on the emergency phone? All accidents where crew are injured or killed
  7. Which of these is not a principle of great man theory?
    • great leader is only great in certain situations.
  8. In leadership trait theory what is a trait?
    • list of key characteristics that makes a leader great.
  9. What is Skinner’s A-B-C of behaviourism? Antecedents-behaviour-consequences
  10. Contingency theory is based on the assumption that the ideal leader:

Shapes their leadership style depending on the situation.

  1. A transactional leader is one who:

Does deals with people in order to get them to do things the leader wants

  1. What is a transformational leader?
    • leader who inspires the workers to new levels by offering them a vision of a better
  2. What is post-heroic leadership theory?
    • theory which states that there is too much emphasis on leaders and more attention should be placed on followers.
  3. What is the social construction of leadership?

What counts as good leadership is a construction of the perceptions of the followers.

  1. Which of the following statements concerning the rational and emotional aspects of leadership is false?

Leadership includes actions and influences based only on reason and logic  

  1. To many, the word management suggests – Efficiency
  2. According to the text, leadership is often more associated with – Chan
  3. This is a conventional distinction made between managers and leaders. Managers maintain while leaders develop
  4. Which of the following statements about leaders versus managers is false? Leaders are thought to do things right, managers do the right things
  5. According to the text, which of the following statements is true?

Leadership and management have some unique functions with an area of overlap

  1. What best describes the leader-follower relationship? Leadership and followership merge and are linked concepts
  2. Ideal leaders according to a survey were commonly characterized as all of the following except       – Cooperative
  3. According to a survey research by Judith Rosener, in terms of their leadership experiences,

Women helped subordinates develop commitment for broader goals than their own selfinterest

  1. What term did Rosener coin to describe how some women leaders encouraged participation and shared power and information, but went far beyond what is commonly thought of as participative management? Interactive leadership
  2. Women leaders’ interactive leadership style developed Due to their socialization experiences and career paths
  3. According to female executives, what is the major factor that prevents senior female executives from advancing to corporate leadership?   Male stereotyping and preconceptions
  4. According to female executives. Which of the following factors least prevents women from advancing to corporate leadership?  Women not being in the pipeline long enough
  5. Most male ceos attribute the paucity of women in corporate leadership roles to which of the following?

Male stereotyping and preconceptions

  1. According to a recent study, one of the general factors that explains the shift toward more women leaders is that women themselves have change It is evident in all except:   A trend toward less stereotypically masculine characterizations of  leadership
  2. The symbolic message often intended by appointment of women to important leadership positions is evidence of the fact that     – Culture has changed
  3. Which of the following statements concerning the reflection component of the AOR model is false?

Leaders are always aware of the value of reflection in leadership  development

  1. What describes a kind of learning between the individual and the environment in which learners seek relatively little feedback that may significantly confront their fundamental ideas or actions?

Single-loop learning

  1. Confronting one’s beliefs, inviting others to challenge you and working on personal blind spots are aspects of the process of Double-loop learning
  2. Mastering _____ can be thought of as learning how to learn.

Double-loop learning

  1. People who become leaders in any field tend to first stand out by virtue of their Interpersonal skills
  2. In an organization, one can gain valuable perspectives and insights through close association with an experienced person willing to take one under his/her wing. Such an individual is often called a – Mentor
  3. The process by which an older and more experienced person helps to socialize and encourage younger organizational colleagues is called – Consulting
  4. How are mentorees benefited in a mentoring relationship?

By gaining an influential ally and by learning about the subtler aspects of organizational ethics

  1. What is seen as an investment that can help change counterproductive behavior, often interpersonal, that threatens to derail an otherwise valued manager?   Mentoring
  2. The proper way to correct a mistake in the logbook is to __________. Draw one line through the entry, rewrite, and initial the correction
  3. Your vessel is in a foreign port and you find that one of the crew members has been incarcerated for The Official Logbook shows that the seaman doesn’t have funds to cover the costs of the fine. Which action should the Master take?

Pay the seaman’s fine.

  1. An alien crewmember with a D-1 permit leaves the vessel in a foreign port and fails to return. The first report you make should be to the __________ Immigration Service
  2. Your vessel is on an extended foreign voyage. Several vacancies have occurred in your unlicensed crew through sickness and repatriation. Which statement is correct?

Qualified aliens may be employed to fill the vacancies.

  1. While a vessel is in a foreign port where there is no American Consul, a seaman becomes violent prior to sailing. The Master should __________.

Put the seaman in irons and sail to the next port where there is an American Consul

  1. A seaman is entitled by law to a release from Foreign Articles when __________ The vessel is overloaded
  2. A vessel arrives in a foreign port and the Master is informed that the vessel is being sold to foreign interests. The new owners request that the crew remain on board to complete the voyage. Under these circumstances, the crew __________.

Has the right to an immediate discharge and transportation to original port of engagement

  1. Who is responsible for providing urine specimen collection kits to be used following a serious marine incident? – The marine employer
  2. If there are any changes in the crew in a foreign port, the changes will be made by The Master on the Shipping Articles
  3. The damage to a vessel is over $25,000. Who must notify the nearest Coast Guard Marine Safety or Marine Inspection Office as soon as possible? The Master of the vessel
  4. A seaman lost his continuous discharge book during the voyage. Upon discharge from Articles, he should be issued a __________.

Certificate of Discharge with the white copy forwarded to the Commandant

  1. A seaman about to be discharged has a Continuous Discharge Book. Which statement is TRUE?

The record of entry in the book must be submitted to the Coast Guar

  1. Total responsibility for shipping and discharging the seamen is that of the Master of the vessel
  2. Which action will take place if a crew member is replaced in a U.S. port after foreign articles have been signed, and the ship proceeds foreign?

The name of the new man is added to the articles but not to the Certified Crew List.

  1. The owner, agent, Master or person-in-charge of a “T-Boat” involved in a marine casualty causing injury that requires professional medical treatment must  All of the above
  2. What requires a Report of Marine Accident, Injury or Death? All of the abov
  3. Operators of Uninspected Passenger Vessels are required to keep their Coast Guard License aboard __________.

Only when carrying passengers for hire

  1. You have completed a Dangerous Cargo Manifest for dangerous cargoes loaded on boar It should be kept in a conspicuous location –   On or near the bridge
  2. You are steaming in a heavy gale and find it necessary to heave to. Under most circumstances, this is best done by

Taking the sea fine on the bow and reducing the speed to the minimum to hold that position

  1. The document which shows a vessel’s nationality, ownership, and tonnage is the Certificate of Documentation
  2. The official identification of a vessel is found in the

Certificate of Documentation

  1. The term bullwhip effect is most closely related to: – Demand variations
  2. Cross docking results in cost savings associated with – Ordering goods
  3. Which one is not a requirement of effective supply chain management? Low cost
  4. The term “3PL” is most closely associated with – Outsourcing
  5. The letters RFID are most closely associated with – Tracking items
  6. Which one of these would have a negative impact on inventory costs? Bullwhip effect
  7. Which one is not a reason for increased emphasis on supply chain management?

The need to improve internal operations

  1. Which of the following statements concerning manufacturing and service organizations is generally true?

In many service organizations customers themselves are inputs to the transformation processes.

  1. Operations typically differ in terms of volume of output, variety of output, variation in demand or the degree of ‘visibility’ (ie, customer contact) that they give to customers of the delivery process. Please match the following element with the most appropriate of the above dimensions.  Low unit costs are most closely matched to:-   Volume
  2. Which of the following is an implication of low variety? – Low unit cost
  3. In a service organisation faced with variable demand the Operations Manager can help smooth demand by:

Scheduling work shifts to vary workforce needs according to demand

  1. When developing the operations strategy one of the most important considerations is that it: –  Supports the overall competitive strategy of the company
  2. A order qualifying characteristic could be described as :

A factor which significantly contributes to winning business

  1. Expansion by acquisition of suppliers and customers, illustrates which of the following strategies – Vertical integration strategy
  2. Process design or redesign is most important when Competitive priorities have changed
  3. Service shops are characterised as which of the following?

Some customer contact, a degree of customisation and some staff discretion

  1. A big advantage of a process layout is – Its flexibility
  2. As production systems move from projects to batch production to mass production to continuous production – Products become more standardised
  3. Which one of the following reactive alternatives would typically be best to implement a chase strategy for a manufacturing firm?

Increase overtime to satisfy peaks in demand

  1. Buffer inventory is required as :

Compensation for the uncertainties inherent in supply and demand

  1. At a strategic level, the essential role of inventory is to support : Quality, dependability, flexibility, cost and speed
  2. Where demand is uncertain, a key purchasing objective will be : – Fast delivery
  3. In lean systems, if a defective product if found, which of the following is generally NOT done? – The defective unit is passed on to the next workstation
  4. Which of the following illustrates an activity that does not add value? Accumulating parts in front of the next work centre
  5. Job design does not involve which one of the following considerations : Ignoring where the job is located
  6. Within a typical behavioural model of job design, which of the following would be considered as representing core job characteristics? Task identity / task significance / autonomy
  7. When a worker has a say in the work methods that he/she wishes to utilise in his/her job is characterised by : – Autonomy
  8. Which of the following is NOT considered effective in achieving and maintaining service quality? – Increasing supervision of service providers   A quality variable      – May be measured on a continuous scale
  9. Which of the following is an indirect benefit of improved quality? Improved image
  10. A ‘moment of truth’ is NOT

When the customer is forming an opinion about the efficiency of the service

  1. Proactive quality management includes the concept of

Highlighting problems to help solve them

  1. Zero defects in manufacturing – Is the goal of TQM
  2. Which of the following represent reasons for globalising operations? All of the above
  3. Which of the following is not a key activity of an operations manager? Managing cash flows
  4. Which of the following is not true regarding the differences between goods and services? – Patents do not protect services
  5. Service organizations generally

Locate in close proximity to the customer

  1. The following terms – interchangeability of parts, division of labour, highly repetitive tasks – best focus on ____. Cost and efficiency
  2. Which of the following is generally related to service operations? Need for flexible capacity
  3. Which function typically employs more people than any other functional area? Marketing
  4. The ____ of a firm defines its reason for existence. – Strategic mission
  5. The ____ describes where the organization is headed and what it intends to be. Strategy development
  6. A company’s mission statement

Describes in specific terms what the company expects to accomplish   116. Which of the following statements is false?

There are two possible operations objectives (cost and speed).

  1. Who is responsible for the safe keeping of the ship’s documents? – Master
  2. In the decision-making process, a manager should

Develope as many alternatives as possible

  1. The doctrine of captain of the ship is exibited in

Operating rooms

  1. Quantitative approaches for decision-making are most often associated with

Complex decisions with controlled environmentrs  121. The best describes for “management” is?

The process of coordinating resources to achieve certain results  122. Which of the following is Not a major management dimension ?

Being a public spokesperson for the organization  123. All of the following describes planning Except :

A process perform by senior managers only

  1. The examination of characteristics relating to leadership, such as enthusiasm, verbal skills, creativity,critical thinking ability, and self-confidence, is referred to as a – Traits approach
  2. The two dimensions of leaderships which emerged from the Leader Behavior

Description Questionnaire were ‘consideration’ and ‘  a.   – Initiating structure

  1. An efficient manager will : – Not be attuned to the grapevine
  2. The________ leadership style is an expression of the leader’s trust in the abilities of his subordinates      –  Delegative
  3. In a problematic situation, a leader shall make a decision to solve the problem. The steps to solve the problem consist of the following, except to make decisions based on sub ordinates’ inputs
  4. Prior to ordering stores for any department;

The store inventory should be checked so that you order only the items required

  1. It is the Master’s responsibility to verify that the specific requirements (procedures and instructions) regarding the Safety Management System are observed. Who will actually verifythis on board ?

The Designated Person

  1. In every decision making process there are a number of actions which are calculated, except

To react spontaneously

  1. In the search for competent seafarers, every Administration shall ensure the quality of seafarer’s education and training system. Certificates of Competency (CoC) issued by the

Administrations are listed as follows, except

Commercial shipping management

  1. Problem solving using scientific approach and creative, innovative and intuitive thoughts should meet certain requirements as follows, except Information which is obtained from the 3 rd party resource
  2. In order to control the ships’s budget, What should we do:

Proper and accurate inventory of stores

  1. To discover/to develop the alternatives is one of the solutions may be taken. The importance to do the above matters is as follows, except

to evaluate all alternatives which are linked with the defined criteria

  1. What is “an examination of leadership-related characteristics, such as enthusiasm, verbal skills, creativity, critical thinking skills, and self-confidence” called?: Traits approach
  2. What should manager do, in the decision-making process :

develop as many alternatives as possible

  1. Seafarers who intend to serve at foreign ships shall be equipped with the following documents, except

National identification Card

  1. The best possible treatment for representative of the port authorities should always receive

For ship’s clearance to take place quickly and without complications  140. What is the best describe for “negligence”?

Doing what a reasonable person would not do, and not doing what you should do  141. Captain from every vessel must be provide ?

A link between the shipboard training officer and the company training officer ashore

  1. The SMS ( Safety Management System) should ensure, amongst other things, that applicable codes, guidelines and standards recommended by………..are taken into account. – All of these
  2. What is the following below that not a major management dimension?

Being the public spokesperson for the organization  144. The social construction of leadership is ?

What counts as good leadership is a construction of the perceptions of the followers

  1. The decision making is always encountered with the probability situation. In order to increase the execution linkages, it is needed to use the following methods as follows, except – To utilize the leader’s instinct
  2. As a source of power in leadership, which of the following has been identified refer to? All of the above
  3. Organization is a forum to execute the activities, which consists of a number of activities as follows, except

Who pays the salary of the employees

  1. Why the vertical coordination is comparable to horizontal coordination ?

both involve other departments

  1. What attention master should do, if Master finds reason to doubt whether the agent is giving the vessel’s interest full and proper?

Investigate the matter carefully and report the findings to the company 150. The referent power in leadership is ?

Power that stems from a person’s leadership skills

  1. Seafarers intend to serve at foreign ships shall be equipped with the following documents, except – Assignment letter
  2. Understanding, Co-operative, and have respect from both sides is the reason to ?, – To maintain good relationship among the crew on board a vessel
  3. Problem solving relates closely with the decision making. In management there are a number of characteristic of the process in problem solving, except

To allow the problematic situation growing

  1. What task is more difficult for a manager when he or she coordinates activities is securing cooperation
  2. The decision making is a complex process, which can be more effective if it is approached through the following methods, except

Repeating the previous decisions which have been taken

  1. In the process to review various good alternatives, it needs various skills as follows, except

Skill to determine alternatives based on sub ordinates’ spontaneous inputs

  1. The conduct of maritime education is based on a number of pillars as follows, except Learning to get high salary
  2. In defining the problem there are a number of questions to be answered as follows, except What has been decided?
  3. Why do crew members on board give up their safety roles? Lack of leadership
  4. Level of leadership/management is categorized as follows, except Basic management
  5. Most likely to influence changes to emergency plans and procedures?? The design and layout of the ship
  6. Seafarers level of responsibility which are specified in the STCW are as follows, except Organization level
  7. The implementation of the policy depends on the commitment of the decision maker. Without a commitment, the efforts made will be in vain. The way to do this through easyto accept communication, including: – Subordinates work by letter
  8. Which of the following options is characteristic of a contingency approach to leadership? All of the above
  9. The functional requirements for a Safety Management System is to develop, implement and maintain a system which includes the following a safety and environmental protection policy 2) instructions and procedures to ensure safe operations and protection of the environment.
  10. Bellow is the list of the international conventions which are dealing with marine pollution prevention, except – ISPS Code
  11. The contemporary management theories discussed in the text have which of the following in common? – Recognition of the complexity of the environment
  12. To solve the problem effectively can be done by combining appropriately between scientific and the power of thought, which consist of the following, except : Conventional thought
  13. Below is the list of the international conventions which are dealing with marine pollutan prevention, except : ISPS Code
  14. It is the Master’s responsibility to ensure that

Concerned personnel carry out the on-board traing progamme effectively  183. What is the ISM Code?

The ISM Code is an international standard for the safe management and operation of ships and for pollution prevention

  1. Which of the following is not considered to be an effective communicative competency for discussion leaders?

Effective group leaders express individual-centered concern

  1. Below is hierarchy of the IMO legal instruments, except Committe
  2. A leader shall prossess certain skills which are expected to provide shelter to their sub ordinates in any misfortunate situations. Such skills consist of the followings, except As the dynamist
  3. To achieve the organization’s goal, human relations element is needed. Human relations element is defined as follows, except Unlimited standar of wage
  4. According to ISM, if the company has subcontracting arrangements for manning, technical support or maintenance, how many documents of compliance are to be issued? Only one DOC can be issued to the company
  5. What group of individual behaviours might lead to an effective team? Able to listen to feedback
  6. We must orgainsed onboard training because : Each crew member is trained individually
  7. Leadership types nowadays are categorized in the list as follows, except: Humorist types
  8. Under ISM, during assessment for issue and compliance with a DOC the auditor must be satisfied that the company is in control of

All activities concerning the safety management system which have been subcontracted

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