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Monitor and Control Compliance with Legislative Requirements and Measure to Ensure Safety of Live at Sea, Security and the Protection of the Marine Environment

  1. In the case of responsibility of cargo where the carrier is responsible for carriage, the cargo owner shall take action except

Make a note of protest if the carrier rejects the receipt is clean.

  1. What is a “passenger” according to SOLAS regulations?

Every person other than the Captain and the members of the crew or other persons employed or engaged onboard the ship in the business of that ship.

  1. Who is responsible for the vessel’s radio station and mandatory radio routines?

The master.

  1. To achieve safe maritime operation, the Indonesian Sea Transportation and Communication Directorate works in compliance with:

The International Maritime Organization (IMO)

  1. Which is the following principle in general insurance that not written in policy but must be obeyed by the Insured (Assured) ?

Principle of legality

  1. For which of the following ships, is the MARPOL convention applicable?

For all listed vessels.

  1. For which ships is the SOLAS convention applicable?

For all vessels.

  1. The assured (insured) must have an insurable interest in the policy when

a loss occurs.

  1. MARPOL – Annex IV. Prevention of Pollution by Sewage from ships. What do you understand by the word “Sewage”?

Drainage/waste from toilets/urinals.

  1. What does the abbreviation STCW stand for?

The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping of Seafarers

  1. Do third States enjoy any fishing rights within the Exclusive Economic Zone of another State?

When the coastal State cannot harvest the ‘total allowable catch’, the coastal State is to give other State access to that surplus with priority to be given to developing and land-locked States

  1. Your vessel has been involved in a collision, which has resulted in a heavy oil leakage. Who should be called to handle pollution claims and damages?

The P & I Club’s nearest representative.

  1. When a vessel violates the oil pollution laws, who may be held responsible?

Any one involved in the operation

  1. Which is ‘rock’ under the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) ?

Rocks are the islands which cannot sustain human habitation or economic life of their own

  1. Under the terms of the Marine Insurance Act 1906 the party possessing Feasible Interest is:

Shipper in the form of goods rejected by the buyer due to damage or delay

  1. Under the terms of the Marine Insurance Act 1906 the party possessing Contingent Interest is:

Consignee which is a loss due to ship delay or damaged goods

  1. Which international convention deals with fire-fighting equipment etc.


  1. Which international convention deals with pollution prevention?.


  1. What is the status of the rules of the SOLAS convention?


  1. In case any accident occurs, the cause in known as

Marine peril

  1. What kind of rights do coastal States enjoy over their continental shelf?

The coastal State enjoy ipso facto and ab initio sovereign rights over its continental shelf for the purpose of exploring it and exploiting its natural resources

  1. What IMO conventions take care of the human safety at sea?

It is the SOLAS conventions that take care of the human safety at sea

  1. What is the ‘equitable result’ in the law and practice of maritime delimitation?

It is the end result that all delimitations of areas of continental shelf and EEZ should achieve, after, however, drawing a provisional ‘equidistance line’ and adjusting the zone in the light of the relevant circumstances and the proportionality test

  1. One of the basic principles of insurance that is not written in the policy but must be obeyed by the insured (assured) is the Principle of Indemnity.The purpose of the Principle of Indemnity is.

The Assured is not permitted to make a profit on the Insurance

  1. Any master who makes or permits a false entry to be made in the log book, shall be liable to fines or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 1 year according to:

The Ship Safety and Security Act, Section 65..

  1. What does STCW deal with?

STCW deals with minimum recommendation of education for seafarers and minimum standards for training centre and schools

  1. Who is responsible for keeping the required official publications onboard?

The master.

  1. How frequent should reports from protection and environmental work be send to shore based management?


  1. What kind of passage does qualify as ‘innocent passage’ ?

A vessel’s passage is considered ‘innocent’ where it is not prejudical to the peace, good order or security of the coastal state

  1. Which State exercises jurisdiction over vessels on the high seas?

The flag State is to exercise exclusive jurisdiction over its vessels on the high seas, with the exception of specific cases, such as piracy

  1. Which international organization is preparing conventions and rules for seafaring nations?

International Labour Organization (ILO)

  1. What is the purpose of baselines under the law of the sea?

The determination of baselines is instrumental to the establishment of all maritime zones, since they constitute the starting point for measuring the breadth of each zone

  1. Which organization or administration is responsible for surveys and inspections of ships, and the issue of Safety Certificates?

Government Authorities of the Flag State

  1. The fee charged by the insurer on account of providing services is called


  1. Which principle suggests that insured (assured) should try to minimize the loss of his property even if it is insured?

Principle of indemnity

  1. In Marine Insurance Policy Insurable interest must exist at the time of

At the time of claim

  1. What is the maximum oil content in the sludge/ bilge water allowed to be pumped over board during a voyage?

30 litres per nautical mile

  1. How many annexes do we find in MARPOL and what is the content of annex 1?

We find 6 annexes in MARPOL and annex 1 is the regulations for the prevention of pollution by oil

  1. Any person serving on board who without the permission of the shipmaster leaves the ship in distress or other danger while the master still on board shall be liable to

Fines or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months.

  1. What would happen if, when a ship is under-going a Port State Inspection, certificates were invalid or missing

Rectification would be required before sailing

  1. Which IMO convention takes care of the human safety at sea ?

The SOLAS convention

  1. If pollution takes place, what would you do immediately?

Report to relevant authorities.

  1. that regulatory working hours are not exceeded?

Regular working hours may not exceed 40 hours per week

  1. What does the abbreviation SOLAS mean?

International Convention for the Safety of Lives at Sea

  1. When did the third UN Convention on the Law of the Sea Conference (UNCLOS III) take place ?

Between 1973 and 1982

  1. Which of the UN member states below has signed UNCLOS III ?


  1. Peril on The Sea is a marine perils, that a ship may be damaged or destroyed because of .

Pirates in the ocean who can harm the people and all the things of a ship

  1. What is the function of the contiguous zone?

The contiguous zone is a zone in which the coastal State is permitted to prevent and punish infringements of customs, fiscal, immigration or sanitary laws

  1. Who are responsible for safe working conditions onboard?

Master, Chief Engineer & Chief Officer.

  1. What does the term OIL mean, as used in the Oil Pollution Regulations?

All of the mentioned

  1. When does an illegal act of violence on the high seas fall short of qualifying as piracy?

When it is not committed against another vessel and when it is not committed for ‘private ends’

  1. A cover note is a temporary certificate of insurance issued by the Insurer before the issuance of a policy. The information that would not usually appear on a cover note is.


  1. How many nautical miles out are considered “teritorial water” ?

12 nautical miles from the baseline

  1. New MARPOL regulations came into effect from July 93 stating that the oily water separator which was previously certified for 100 ppm be changed to:

15 ppm

  1. A subordinate who unlawfully brings intoxicating beverages on board shall be liable to:

Fines or in especially aggravating circumstances to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months.

  1. Cover Note is a temporary coverage of Insurance, which then by the insurer will be issued a policy. The policy is:

Underwriter agreements signed by the assurer and the insurer

  1. The goods which can be coverage by marine insurance are except

The cost to deal with marine pollution from ship

  1. Broker is Person who serves as a trusted agent that has legal expertise related to the coverage of insured from the prospective assured. The fee of services by broker is paid by

Insurer of the premium received from the assured.

  1. What rules and regulations are regulating the watch keeping routines in the engine room?

Both STCW and Class rules

  1. What must be done if the Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment (ODME) should fail during a ballast voyage?

All of the mentioned must be performed

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